Our story

After traveling many various parts of the world to demonstrate the wealth of our culture and traditions, we decided to create the Sagamité Restaurant because of our desire to share our beautiful culture at home in Wendake.

Restaurant la Sagamité à Wendake.

"Sagamité": a very nourishing soup-meal enriched with venison and in which the famous “three sisters” cultivated by the Wendat can be found: squash, corn and red beans.

The Sagamité opened its doors in 1999, and ever since then, people from all over the world have been invited to discover Indigenous culture through gastronomy. The place is named after the plate that has nourished the nation for centuries: the sagamité soup, consisting of corn, squash and beans. The restaurant is located in downtown Wendake.

The house specialty, Yatista (fire) commonly called “Potence”, was created to illustrate the importance of fire to us. Our ancestors communicated with the Creator through fire, discussed, shared and enjoyed meals around. That is why traditions, culture and gastronomy are a real experience at the Sagamité.

Restaurant la Sagamité.
Restaurant la Sagamité.

Our values and traditions


Benefiting from an exceptional growth since its opening in 1999, La Sagamité has seen an increase in profits oscillating between 20% and 35% per year since 2014. Unfortunately, this meteoric growth was abruptly halted in December 2018 when a terrible fire completely destroyed the building.

The organization plans to rebuild La Sagamité with an investment of 3.6 million $. The new structure, which prioritizes tourism, will double its staff capacity from 50 to 100 employees and, of course, continue to build its momentum. The original and unique proposition of La Sagamité has no equivalent in Canada because of its multidimensional aspect, which gives customers a one-of-a-kind access to traditional history, art, crafts and gastronomy, which are essential components of Huron-Wendat culture.

Enjoy your stay!

Steeve Wadohandik and Niva Sioui

Valeurs et traditions du restaurant la Sagamité. Restaurant la Sagamité. Valeurs et traditions du restaurant la Sagamité. Restaurant la Sagamité. Restaurant la Sagamité.